Arik Westbrook's Site

Recent projects:

  • Mash-Up (In Progress - Nowhere near done): A game written in HTML/Javascript which uses the Entity-Component-System design pattern. It combines different gametypes to create a varied experience throughout a tongue-in-cheek storyline. You can play a somtimes-updated copy of the development version here. Source code.
    Screenshots not necessarily representative of finished or current game.

  • Elevator: A game for Android where you control the elevator in a busy, bustling building. The goal is to ferry passengers to their desired floor as quickly as possible before they become unhappy; suit-wearing VIPs are worth twice as much, complicating matters somewhat. The game features background music, eight different levels, a touch-to-control interface, adjustable difficulty, and in-app advertisements for the free version. The free version is here, and the full version is here. Source code.

  • PyHack: A graphical Nethack client for the online server. It provides visual gameplay similar to QtHack, but lets you save your game on the NAO server and pick it up anywhere. Written in Python using PyGame. Source code.

  • Should I Take My Umbrella?: A simple Android app to tell you if it's a good idea to take an umbrella with you when you go out. Uses weather data from WeatherUnderground, retrieved based on either current geolocated position or a user-entered location anywhere on Earth. Includes in-app advertising. Available here. Source code.

  • PageGenerator: Written for a classmate who needed a quick, easy way to generate HTML pages with a few images and links, conforming to a specific template. Source code.